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Cajun Seafood Restaurant Catering Specialist

Our Story...

Established in Baldwin County in 2013

Bringing 35 years of excellence to your table…

Since we opened our doors on September 3, 2013, Café Acadiana has set the standard in Baldwin County for truly Authentic Cajun Cuisine, as well as All American and Seafood Cuisine.  We believe in using the freshest ingredients available to achieve the mouthwatering flavors that you, our friends and customers have become accustomed to.

The name, “Acadiana” (a K D ana), is an area comprising some 22 parishes in South Central Louisiana.  The “Acadian” people were exiled from Novi Scotia, Canada in the 1760’s, by the Queen of England, for their Catholicism and the bounty of the land they had inhibited since the mid 1600’s. They settled this area in South Louisiana, known today, as Acadiana. Over the past two centuries, the Acadians built a unique, innovative approach to their everyday lives, as well as to their kitchen tables. Their traditions and way of life continue to this day. People of Acadian descent can be found all over this great land of ours, including many right here in lower Alabama!

It all began in October of 1979, with my father in a little place called “Ardoin’s Seafood”, in Opelousas, Louisiana.  I worked with my Dad until his retirement in 1995.  At that time, I decided to leave the family business and open my own place, also called, Café Acadiana, also in Opelousas. We were very successful, but ultimately sold the Café back in 2003, and moved to Silverhill, AL. After 10 years of working in the wholesale foodservice industry, here in Baldwin County, I decided it was time to get back to my first love…preparing great food for great people.

Café Acadiana is a small, family oriented restaurant, but don’t let the size fool you.  We put out some of the best down home cooking and tasty seafood dishes that you will find anywhere!  We hope that you enjoy your dining experience with us.  My wife, Christina and I look forward to serving you for many years to come.  We know that you don’t have to choose us as your favorite dining spot…but, we truly appreciate that you have!  For that we say, “Merci Beacoup, Mes Amies!!!”  (Thank You, My Friends!!!)

Gerald and Christina Ardoin